Progression of skills

• An excellent knowledge and understanding of people, events, and contexts from a range of historical periods and of historical concepts and processes.

• The ability to think critically about history and communicate ideas very confidently in styles appropriate to a range of audiences.

• The ability to consistently support, evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views using detailed, appropriate and accurate historical evidence derived from a 

range of sources.

• The ability to think, reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past, formulating and refining questions and lines of enquiry. 

• A passion for history and an enthusiastic engagement in learning, which develops their sense of curiosity about the past and their understanding of how and why 

people interpret the past in different ways. 

• A respect for historical evidence and the ability to make robust and critical use of it to support their explanations and judgments.

• A desire to embrace challenging activities, including opportunities to undertake high-quality research across a range of history topics.


Our essential characteristics of geographers

• An excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like.

• An excellent understanding of the ways in which places are interdependent and interconnected and how much human and physical environments are interrelated.

• An extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary.

• Fluency in complex, geographical enquiry and the ability to apply questioning skills and use effective analytical and presentational techniques.

• The ability to reach clear conclusions and develop a reasoned argument to explain findings.

• Significant levels of originality, imagination or creativity as shown in interpretations and representations of the subject matter.

• Highly developed and frequently utilised fieldwork and other geographical skills and techniques.

• A passion for and commitment to the subject, and a real sense of curiosity to find out about the world and the people who live there.

• The ability to express well-balanced opinions, rooted in very good knowledge and understanding about current and contemporary issues in society and the environment.

Home learning

Please have a look at our long term plans to check which topic the children are learning about in school at the moment.

The History association

These resources have been prepared by teachers and are linked to the topics we study in school

BBC Bitesize - History

Click on KS1 for children in Y1 and Y2 and KS2 for children in Y3-6

Oak National Academy

Click on KS1 or KS2. This is a great website with a number of pre-recorded lessons for your child to participate in.

Historical royal palaces

This site has some great games suitable for all ages

Mr T does Primary History

This has four different topics - changes within living memory, themes in British history, St George's Day and VE Day.

Royal Geographical Society

If you click on this site, it has a number of hyperlinks to different sites. Don't forget we also have Oddizzi, which we use in school. Please message your child's teacher if you need a reminder of a log on.