Pupil Premium Spending at Eastoft C of E Primary

At this school we continually assess and monitor the progress of our children and as part of this we pay particular attention for those pupils eligible for pupil premium. Such children attract monies into school which we need to be accountable for. We prioritise the gaps that need to be focused on and annually reflect on how pupil with pupil premium compare against other pupils.

In order to do this it is vital that the barriers to learning ( if any) for such pupils are identified in order to put into place the necessary support strategies. These barriers are identified on an annual basis and take into account the following factors – analysing pupil achievement and attendance as well as discussions with staff and parents.

Such barriers are identified individually for pupil premium children.

As a school we aware that for some pupils, personal and/or social barriers may stand in the way of their educational success. We look to support these vulnerable pupils and to meet their pastoral, social and academic needs. The Pupil Premium Grant is a vital part of this work and allows additional resources to be made available for targeted pupils.

  1. Communication skills including vocabulary development impacting upon comprehension and writing activities
  1. Personal and family aspirations leading to a lack of engagement, motivation, home support and in some cases attendance
  1. Family circumstances that impact on emotional development/mental health affecting capacity for learning (eg financial, housing, transport, outside agency involvement)
  1. Limited range of experiences beyond the local rural area. After identifying the barriers for learning our desired outcomes would include:

Improved attainment
Reducing gaps
Improving behaviour
Improved family engagement
Developing specific skills and qualities
Extending opportunities.

2015/2016Income £13,500

A Teaching Assistant was employed as a learning mentor to work in class across the school every morning and to lead interventions during the afternoon sessions.

Expenditure  £13,810

Impact 25% of the pupil premium pupils achieved expected outcomes ( national curriculum expectations)

2016/2017Income £15,840

An agency based TA was employed due to the resignation of the previous post holder September – December. Following this the strategic decision was taken so that teaching   staff would deliver their own interventions to ensure the impact of interventions were seen to be closing the gaps.

Expenditure £21,290

Impact 36% of pupil premium children achieved expected outcomes.

3 . 2017/2018

 Detailed breakdown on website.

Staff released to deliver own interventions to add consistency between gaps identified and next steps in learning.

Impact 53% of pupil premium children achieve expected outcomes.