Welcome to KS1

Welcome to Year 1/2

Welcome to KS1 at Eastoft C of E Primary. Phonics, English and Maths are taught each day, either through small (5 children) focus groups or play based provision in the classroom. The children are grouped for phonics and will be taught the phase they are working within. In Grammar lessons the children will learn word classes and how to construct basic and more complex sentences using expanded noun phrases and descriptive vocabulary. Maths this term will be based around place value and addition and subtraction. 

  This term our topic is connected to transport. We will be looking at the significant individuals Neil Armstrong and George Stephenson as well as looking at the first flight, the moon landing and steam engines as important events in history. We plan to design and make moon buggies as part of our DT project, looking at wheels and axles, and learn about the solar system through music and art. 

In Geography we will be exploring the world through maps, globes and satellite images. We will be comparing the three and identifying specific areas, including where we live. The children will also learn to understand and use basic points of a compass. 

Our Science is based around materials, where we will be exploring and learning about the properties of different materials before exploring why certain materials are chosen for the jobs they do. The children will be taking part in practical experiments and learning to show their results scientifically, using subject specific vocabulary. 

We study Christianity and Islam in KS1. This term we will be exploring what Christians believe God is like and how Muslims learn about Allah through the Qu’ran.  


Class Information 

Our PE lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, it would be helpful if children can keep their kit in school all week. Children must bring a water bottle to school each day. This will be re-filled with fresh water if they drink it all. We ask that children read at least 5 times a week at home and that it is recorded in their reading record by an adult. Spellings will be sent home and tested weekly. We encourage the children to practise their spelling using different writing techniques in school and putting their spellings into short sentences.