Welcome to Year 3/4

Class information –  

Our PE days will be Wednesday and Thursday, please come in your PE kit on these days.  

You are expected to read at least 5 times at home, please make sure this is recorded in your record, these will be checked each Friday. Please make sure your reading record and book are in school each day.  


This is a summary of what we will be covering in each subject in Autumn 1 –  

In Grammar sessions, we will focus on revising capital letters and full stops, expanded noun phrases, verbs, adjectives and using conjunctions to extend sentences. In Spelling, we will focus on suffixes, prefixes, apostrophes for contractions, words with the sound spelt ei, homophones, as well as focusing on learning strategies to spell tricky words. In Reading sessions, we will focus on retrieval, prediction and vocabulary. Towards the end of the term we will focus on story writing, retelling a fairy tale with a twist.  

In Maths, we will focus on place value, looking at reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers. We will count in different amounts as well as learning about Roman Numerals. Later in the term we will focus on addition and subtraction, we will continue to add numbers mentally using strategies to help us before learning how to add and subtract using written methods.  

In Science, our work this term our work will focus on light, the children will learn about how light travels and reflects as well as carrying out investigations.  

In RE our work will focus on the Bible, looking in depth at the story of Noah, thinking about the importance of the promise and how this links to our world today.  

Our History work will focus on the Ancient Egyptians; we will begin by finding out about Egypt, before looking at Artefacts and creating a timeline. We will learn about the importance of the River Nile, and the process of mummification, as well as studying some of the inventions created by the Egyptians.  

Our Geography work will focus on Europe, we will learn about the different features of Europe including rivers and mountains; we will locate these on maps.  

In PHSE we will think about our families and friends, including differences, and looking at how to handle disagreements. We will think about bullying and then look at staying safe online.  

In computing our work this half term will focus on looking at how to keep safe online, and what information we should share online.  

In Art we will begin by focusing on Art and design skills, including drawing cartoons, painting different shades and tints before creating puppets for a story. Later in the term we will look at printing in different forms.  

In Music we will learn some new songs, focus on making patterns, and rhythms before creating our own song in a similar style.  

This year we will learn to speak Spanish; we will begin by learning facts about Spain, and the location of countries which speak Spanish, before learning how to say some greetings, our name, and how we are feeling in Spanish.  

In one PE session we will be taking part in Yoga; we will learn to perform a variety of poses, hold positions and to control our breathing as we are exercising. Our other PE session will focus on gymnastics; we learn to hold positions, and link from one position to another.  


The Maths 99 club




The 99 Club is a great way for children to improve their mental maths skills, particularly their recall of multiplication and division facts. Children start in Year 1 with the 11 Club in which they practise doubling up to 10. When they get all 11 questions correct in the 11 club they will move on to the 22 club, then the 33 club etc. Children can therefore move through the clubs at their own pace. The club goes up to the 99 club in which children have to answer 99 multiplication and division questions correctly. After this, the children move on to the ‘ultimate’ – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum challenges.
If your child would like to practise at home, please click on the icons for the questions and answers.